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PDF Shrink 2.0

(~4142 Kb) $29 PAD file: PDF_Shrink_pad.xml
Are your pdf files to big? With PDF Shrink you have to ultimate tool to compress existing pdf files. The program compresses all pictures in the pdf file with the JPEG2000 (color pictures) or the JBIG2 (b/w pictures) compression. You can choose the resulting size for the JPEG2000 pictures. If your files does not contain big pictures but many line objects (CAD file) or many embedded fonts our program can help you too. In this case you have to option to save the complete content of one page as JPEG2000 or JBIG2 picture. You can choose the resolution which fits your needs. 300 DPI for printouts and 150 DPI for Internet for example. A complete page in b/w compressed with JBIG2 can be as small as 12 KB. The program can convert as much files as you want with one mouse click in the batch conversion mode.

You can also call the program from command line:

pdfshrink "c:\test.pdf" "c\out.pdf" [mode] [compress] [res]

[mode] is optional. The following values are defined for mode 0=compress only existing pictures 1=save everything as JPEG2000 2=save everything as JBIG2

[compress] is optional. It is the strength of the JPEG2000 compression. 1 is the maximum comrpession; 1000 is the minimal compression. The default value is 10.

[res] is optional. Res ist the resolution in DPI (only for mode 1 and 2). 300 DPI is the default value.


pdfshrink "c:\test.pdf" "c:\out.pdf" 1 10 150

This would compress the content of test.pdf as JPEG2000 picture with 150 DPI and save the result as out.pdf

The following batch file which will:

(1) Compress ALL PDF files inside C:\Input and save the compressed files to C:\Output

(2) Move the original files into C:\Backup so that C:\Input will start empty again

for /R "c:\input" %%a in (*) do (c:\pdfshrink\pdfshrink "%%a" "c:\output\%%~nxa" 1 10 150)
xcopy "c:\input\*" "c:\backup\*"
del "c:\input\*" /Q

Copy this 3 lines into a new text file and give the file the file extension .bat to use this solution.

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To edit existing pdf files you can use PDF Editor.

If you want a freeware pdf viewer you can use PDF Reader.

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